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 Jadon Smith 

 I began my flute journey in 2008, in response to my wife’s interest in learning to play a flute.  Having no musical background and some rudimentary woodworking skills and tools learned in high school, I made her a flute.  It sounded terrible, so I made another.  In an effort to improve the sound and appearance,  I made more.  I quickly found that I really enjoyed the challenge of not only fashioning the flute by improving the sound.
Very quickly i purchased Kieth Stanfords flute making manual, a resource that I continue to use today.

In May of 2009 I attended the Zion Flute School and festival. which changed my life in a number of different ways.  I was able to see the artistry of flute makers such as Brent Haines and Tim Blueflint.  I also experienced the power of the flute, musically to sooth the soul and connect the world around me.  I had taken some of my handmaid flutes with me to the festival and school, and became acquainted with my first flute mentor, John Stillwell.  John offered to give me some tips and suggestions with the warning that he would be painfully honest with my work.  He was, and I am forever grateful as it set me on a course of constant improvement  to the instruments I was making. During that school I also met Scott August who showed me what an amazing instrument the flute can be when properly played.
From that beginning I became involved with my local flute circles, held home concerts, attended the 2011 Zion Flute festival, have shown my work in numerous craft and art shows as well as having an online Etsy store.  Along the way, I have developed personal and professional relationships with  artists such as Emilianno Campabello and Bernard “Wolfsheart”  Weilguni, Mark Holland and others. Each has professionally recorded using my flutes,  and have served to motivate me to constantly improve the flutes I make.  Most recently I have befriended Mac Lopez who has been an excellent mentor, friend and resource for my craft as well as his own skills as passed to him by Hawk Littlejohn.

My flute journey has included the personal connection that people find with the flute.  My flutes have been used for healing and meditative purposes as well as just some fun with friends.

My goal the the constant improvement of my art and to share the connection the flute provides.

Nipomo Flutes Workshop Up to 4K

Video tour of Nipomo Flutes workshop and method of creating flutes

     Along the way I have experienced a profound spiritual and personal transformation. The flute has had a significant  influence on my life and particularly in the way in which I interact with others. My hope is that the flute can be a part of your spiritual journey as well.