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You can buy one of my handcrafted Native American Style Flutes on my Etsy shop.  Browse store now.

Disclaimer: The flutes that I make are Native American in Style only. My products are not Native made, I am not Native, and make no claims to any Native heritage or Tribal affiliation.
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"Awesome flute at a great price! The instrument is perfectly tuned and plays wonderfully. The sound is pure and mellow. There is not a hint of breathiness or weak notes through out the scale. On top of all that, the craftsmanship is beautiful! I highly recommend Nipomo flutes. This likely won't be my last!"
Ruben Claro Reyes IV, August 28, 2017.
I love this flute, it has beautiful craftsmanship and tone. Flutes of this quality are usually far more expensive.
Seller was amazingly professional responding quickly to every inquiry. Shipping was super efficient. Product was delivered in 2 days. Kudos to Jaden!
Really great flute in every way... craftsmanship, tone, volume, back pressure... a pleasure to play. Recorded a song with it last week which will be on my next CD. I could not be happier! Thank you for this wonderful piece of musical art!